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The Best Attorneys and Law Firms Make Computer Forensics their Ace in the Hole

Legal Settlement PayoutWinning cases, getting faster and larger settlements, and delivering results for your clients always boils down to knowing how to best leverage the cards you’re dealt. And in a world where over 90% of all cases are settled before the ever go to trial, knowing the game, understanding every nuance of your opponent and seizing every possible advantage are the keys to consistent success.

What makes GDF the right choice for eDiscovery?

It all starts with an accurate Early Case Assessment (ECA), like our flat rate Quick Analysis offers for drives and/or mobile phones and devices can provide. When you are deciding if/how to dive into a case, knowing exactly what you’re getting into and what you can expect from both a cost and time perspective is critical.  GDF puts the crystal ball in your hands.

Global Digital Forensics is a recognized leader in providing professional solutions for the collection and preparation of relevant data from computers as they relate to a court case -  which is what computer forensics and eDiscovery are all about. We use only industry and court accepted tools and procedures to help you navigate the entire process of obtaining electronic evidence from computer media and preserving that evidence for admissibility in court. This process may include:

  • Recovering deleted files such as documents, graphics, and photos. We know where and how to find them and retrieve them, whether deletion was inadvertent or intentional.
  • Internet history and social networking behavior can often contain the smoking gun, and we can help you take advantage of this wealth of potential evidence.
  • Searching unallocated space on the hard drive, places where an abundance of data often resides, often invisible and/or inaccessible to a standard user.
  • Tracing artifacts, those tidbits of data left behind by the operating system. Our experts know how to find these artifacts and, more importantly, they know how to evaluate the value and relevance of the ESI they find.
  • Processing hidden files - files that are not visible or accessible to the user — that contain past usage information. Often, this process requires reconstructing and analyzing the date codes for each file and determining when each file was created, last modified, last accessed and when deleted.
  • Running a string-search for email, even when no email client is obvious.
  • And much more - From identification and acquisition, through analysis, correlation and production, we've got you covered!

GDF excels at helping attorneys turn digital evidence into a winning hand.

Winning HandGDF’s clients don’t dread discovery conferences or meet and confers, they embrace them as opportunities to gain leverage, and it only takes one call to understand the difference our skill, savvy, and experience will bring to the table so you can seize those opportunities too. So don't throw away a winning hand!

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With Global Digital Forensics, legal professionals can have an invaluable ally in the world of digital evidence, formidable in every facet of computer forensics and  eDiscovery. So call us today at 1-800-868-8189 for a free consultation with one of our specialists and let us help to tailor solutions that will satisfy your unique needs.

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