Software for Computer Security

Software Developed from the Heart of the Problem

Global Digital Forensics offers software products different from everything else on the market. GDF began as a hands-on computer forensics and security company, not as a development firm. We developed software based on situations our forensic examiners and security teams encountered in the field, while helping our clients. When we needed a specialized tool, we made it, and in the process incorporated years of security and forensics experience into our design and coding philosophies. The result is our software is very lightweight so it runs fast even on older, slower computers, has intuitively designed interfaces, and addresses real world problems — the sorts of things your company faces every day.

DBRT: the Data Breach Response Toolkit

DBRT Ant- Malware Software

DBRT is a set of software tools that enable IT personnel to find and remediate the most sophisticated malware threats in the world. It’s unique detection system allows DBRT to find the malicious code that other AV software simply cannot detect.

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C-All User Activity Recorder | Monitor


C-All monitors the activity of every user connected to your network, either on-site or remotely, and records what they do as an easy to understand screen capture movie. Think of it as a security camera looking over the shoulder over every user on your network.

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