Natural Disasters, Acts of God, and Data Recovery

Superstorm Sandy was one of the most devastating and costly disasters to ever hit US soil. With the ingredients of a perfect storm, a hurricane, high tide, full moon and a nor’easter all converging, the resulting storm surge, flooding, power outages and fires created horrendous situations for individuals and businesses alike. Digital information like corporate data, client information, records, intellectual property and a host of other digital assets were affected. Sewage, chemicals, submerged locations, electric shock, fire, radioactivity and a host of other dangers were present on the ground and posed tremendous risks to cyber assets, as well as personnel attempting to retrieve equipment. Global Digital Forensics’s HAZMAT certified data retrieval and recovery specialists responded quickly, and they can respond to any sort of disaster situation you may find yourself in too.

HAZMAT Areas – Retrieval & Recovery

Public sewers carry a plethora of disease and filth and should be considered hazardous, and treated as such. GDF extraction teams are fully trained and experienced HAZMAT experts that can respond, test for contaminants like radiation, bacteria and carbons, then safely remove and sanitize equipment. All equipment retrieved is fully sanitized, then diagnosed, and data is recovered using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, which is just another GDF advantage that helps us consistently deliver the best recovery rates in the business.

Regulatory Compliance and Maintaing Security

Even if recovered equipment is to be destroyed, it isn’t worth the potential health risks, nor the chance that valuable data is compromised by doing it yourself. GDF can respond, test and destroy media, and provide certificates of destruction.

Flood Damage

Seawater has the potential to do tremendous damage to equipment and digital media. GDF has successfully recovered media from difficult locations on both fronts and has had unparalleled success recovering data from media previously submerged for extended periods in salt and fresh water, sewage, etc.

Fire Damaged Media

We’ve recovered data from media which, at first glance, no one would have expected anything to be recovered from, melted casings and wires, scorched drive housings, etc. We’ve seen it all, and our success in these difficult types of recoveries is unrivaled.

Physically Damaged Media

From earthquakes, to a tree collapsing a roof and crushing a computer system, impacts and other physically damaged media take experienced and fully equipped specialists to recover. If there is any chance data can be recovered, GDF will make it happen.

Every Disaster is Different

Every disaster recovery is fraught with its own perils. GDF has been involved in data recovery for over 20 years. Please call us at 1-800-868-8189 and let one of retrieval and recovery specialists explain what we can do to help you recover media and data from whatever disaster you might be facing.