Knowledge – Call it what you will, smarts, wisdom, expertise, know-how, whatever your preference, GDF has it in abundance. And with the courts increasingly demanding knowledgeable, competent, ESI experts be involved from the earliest eDiscovery stages of a case to avoid fines, sanctions, or worse, the writing on the wall has never been clearer.  It says, “It’s time to call GDF!”
  Flexibility – Even an elephant doesn’t have the memory capacity to remember the last time litigation traveled in a straight line, and it’s a fools dream to think eDiscovery is any different.  It’s a purely fluid environment.  It takes thinking, and rethinking, adjustment and readjustment, recognition and rebuttal, it takes cat-like agility, and snake-like reflexes, all guided by veteran savvy. Translation: It takes GDF.
  Awareness – If there is one constant that can be guaranteed in the digital realm, it would be change. Technology evolves at blazing pace, eDiscovery rules get tweaked and amended, accepted practices transform, society’s habits diversify, and if you’re not up to speed on all of it, the only victory to be found will be a victory for defeat. The digital realm is GDF’s realm, past, present and beyond.  With one call, we can make it yours too.
  Communication Litigation wouldn’t even be necessary if we were a society of mind-readers, but we’re not, and it is. And what more is litigation then the ability to effectively communicate your case to all us unfortunate non-mind-readers out there that need to see, hear and read all of the complexities you are tasked to illuminate to make your case.  When it comes to communicating and illuminating the worlds of ESI and eDiscovery, no one wields the light like GDF.
  Detail – The fine line that separates greatness from mediocrity is attention to detail. This holds especially true for every step of the eDiscovery process.  One mistake, one oversight, one miscalculation, or one omission can quickly condemn a case to failure. At GDF, we take great pride in our meticulous attention to detail, from identification and acquisition, to analysis and reporting, if the devil is in the details, he belongs to us.
  Cost Consciousness – With eDiscovery costs expected to surpass $1.5 billion by next year, It’s no wonder the courts are putting an extreme focus on having eDiscovery and ESI experts involved early and often.  They know the best way stop the financial hemorrhaging eDiscovery can turn into is to have digital evidence specialists efficiently streamline the process and eliminate the deluge of unnecessary costs commonly encountered, benefits every GDF client can expect.
  Results – GDF helps you win cases and receive faster, larger settlements – no sugarcoating required –  our track record speaks for itself. From mom and pop shops to Fortune 100 global behemoths, GDF has helped countless clients achieve their goals of litigation success. All you have to do to join their ranks is reach for the common denominator, Global Digital Forensics.