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Penetration Tests can be a Compliance Requirement

PCI • HIPAA • NIST • SEC • DISA • FEDRAMP • General Vendor Security
If your organization still hasn't completed its year's end compliance requirements, we're going to make it easier for you. Schedule a pen test now and receive special pricing, and we'll get the testing done before the holidays.

Thorough initial consultation
Security Assessment
Security Hardening Recommendations
Complete testing to industry standards
Final Deliverables and Post Test Security Assessment

Special Pricing on a Range of Testing Services

External Network Penetration Testing
Internal Penetration Testing
Application Penetration Testing
Social Engineering Testing
External Network Penetration Testing
$2995.00 per block of 10 external IP addresses
A complete penetration test of your network to NIST, PTES, DoD, PCI, HIPPA, etc., standards Get Started


  • Pre-test consultation that includes designing the rules of engagement
  • Reconnaissance of client’s internet presence using publicly available information
  • Fingerprinting the perimeter and scoping realistic threat models
  • Vulnerability Analysis and Testing
  • Penetration Test Report that identifies all exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Full external penetration test to NIST, PTES, DoD, PCI etc., standards
  • Full reporting that includes executive summary, detailed analysis of findings and next steps
  • A post-remediation test of vulnerabilities identified in the report
Internal Penetration Testing
$5995.00 per 100 employees per location.
Internal penetration testing is designed to test your cyber defense posture in depth. Get Started


  • Onsite review of client's network
  • Initial discovery and data mapping
  • Threat Modeling
  • Vulnerability Analysis and Testing
  • Penetration Test Report that identifies all exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Penetration Testing remediation consulting - eliminate security issues BEFORE testing
  • Full reporting that includes an executive summary, detailed report of findings and next steps
Application Penetration Testing
$7,995.00 per application
Application testing includes the FBI top 20, OWASP, etc., and full automated and manual testing of the application. Ship a secure iteration. Get Started


  • Review of application, documenting and mapping of application
  • Threat modeling and attack planning
  • Review of authentication mechanisms within the application (includes all user levels to 7)
  • Unauthenticated and authenticated penetration test of the application from all user levels
  • A full report of findings that includes an executive summary, full details of findings, remediation advice and code assistance
Social Engineering
Improve your security by training your employees. Get Started
  • Phishing test
    $1,299.00 per test includes email, SSL Cert, Phishing site, and full report
  • Social Media Testing
    $1,299.00 per 20 employees and includes employee interaction
  • Physical Social Engineering
    priced on a site by site basis

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