The Offices of Global Digital Forensics in New York City

GDF was originally founded in 1992 to fill a gap in the growing electronic discovery, network forensics and cyber security markets, based on a foundation of real-world experience GDF’s founder acquired from over a decade as a leading provider of emergency data recovery services before that.

Today, GDF not only assists attorneys with major class action suits and in complex litigation, as well as serving as the leading forensic responder to several Fortune 100 companies, but also assists many prominent clients with all aspects of cyber security, from cyber emergency response to data breaches and cyber intrusions, to comprehensive cyber threat assessments, penetration testing and threat remediation to help them survive and thrive in today’s ever evolving cyber threat landscape.

GDF has worked with clients in many highly regulated and complex industry sectors, including the financial industry, government agencies, the healthcare industry and many others, so you can count on that vast breadth of experience to not only fully understand the issues our clients face, but to devise and execute a customized, precision plan to satisfy and exceed client expectations.


About Joseph Caruso

Industries and Clients Served


Forensic analysis, cyber security, penetration testing, electronic exit interviewing etc.
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Law Firms and Attorneys

All phases of cyber forensics, eDiscovery planning and collection, expert witnessing.
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Private Investigators

Assistance and support with all phases of cyber forensic investigation, expert witnessing.
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Divorce, martial and family issues, wills, missing persons, embezzlement, children and internet behavior, etc.
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GDF in the News

Archives of articles and press releases
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Forensic Training

Basic  Cyber / Computer Forensic Training 

Thorough preparation for starting a career in cyber forensics.
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Advanced Cyber /Computer Forensic Training

Professional high level cyber forensic training.
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