Forensics for Intellectual Property Cases

It’s inevitable: Employees leave, partners split, competitors raid ... it’s a reality in business. However, what they take when they leave is a whole other story.

How can you know if you've been robbed of something valuable - your intellectual property. Can your suspicions be confirmed? The simple answer is yes.


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28 Years of Winning Cases

At GDF, we specialize in hunting down the digital traces that reveal what a user did with the data entrusted to them. GDF can analyze mobile phones, computers, tablets, thumb drives and cloud accounts, and correlate the activities of the user to paint a picture of what they did with your data.

Where do we look?

Cloud accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and more. By forensically analyzing a user’s system, it is possible to determine what files were uploaded and when they were uploaded, or downloaded.

Email and Webmail are favorites paths of those looking to exfiltrate data. GDF can analyze hard drives of computers for cached files, pull data from mobile phones, tablets, and other digital devices with access to email. We can also identify webmail accounts on services such as Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail to locate and analyze critical data that could tell the whole story.

Hard Drives are forensically preserved by creating a forensic image file. This file contains everything on the system, including deleted data, fragments, log files, registry keys, document versions and so much more. A skilled forensic analysis can uncover USB devices that were used on the system, files that were copied, and software that was installed, including software used to obfuscate activities. A hard drive can contain cached chats, Facebook messages, WhatsApp messages and other programs that could have been used to communicate with co-conspirators.

Documents and Metadata can contain clues like who created a document, when it was printed, when it was amended or edited and more. Some file formats track changes down to the character or line. There could also be many different types of document formats involved - Word files, PSDs, image files. audio and video files, and code repositories. Skillfully performed forensic analysis can reveal the history of a document or file.

Social Media is becoming the key to uncovering the daily life of a person. Services like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat contain a wealth of details, including movements, social circles, frequented locations, and more. At GDF, we know how to recover and interpret this data without resorting to improper pretexting or violating privacy laws.


GDF's certified computer forensics examiners are skilled in acquiring and delivering data from both hostile and friendly environments.

All GDF examinations are compliant with DOJ recommended standards, and GDF examiners strictly implement and adhere to chain-of-custody procedures.

Discovery and recovery of hidden and deleted emails, pictures, Internet usage and unauthorized software installed on company systems and hardware.

Lost password recovery and cracking locked files.

Expert Witness Testimony (both depositions and court).

Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) available 24/7 to respond anywhere you need us. Our strategically located responders ensure we will get to where you need us anywhere in the country, or the world.

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