August 31, 2015

Business Cyber Security – Come Out of the Summer with a Clean Slate

It's easy for cyber security to break down in the summer, so with vacation season winding down, it’s a great time for organizations to get reset and move into the fall with a clean slate. Global Digital Forensics offers professional scanning, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing packages to help businesses do just that.

Next weekend is Labor Day weekend, the last bash of the season and the unofficial end of summer (which astronomically, officially ends on September 22nd this year). For IT security personnel, it should also mark the perfect time to make sure no summer-induced cyber security hangovers linger on which could prove far more costly than a simple headache.

Joe Caruso, founder and CEO-CTO of Global Digital Forensics (GDF), a premier national provider of cyber security solutions and digital forensics services headquartered in New York City, has been fighting on the front lines of the cyber security battlefield for over two decades, and has seen many times what summer security breakdowns can turn into. “Hackers thrive on chaos and confusion, and summertime often tends to be loaded with both.”

Even the best of intentions can lead to trouble

“A client may have great cyber security policies and procedures in place with everyone humming along doing exactly what they should be doing in their realm of responsibility, but then someone goes on vacation and their responsibilities get shuffled temporarily to someone else who may not be as in tune with what needs to be done and how,” says Caruso, “or something happens like there’s a password they forgot to pass along before they left. So the person filling in innocently emails or texts John while he’s on vacation to find out what it is. It’s all very innocent, but then John answers, using a free Wi-Fi spot in the hotel which a hacker is using to intercept messages and install malware on his mobile device. Just like that the password is compromised, John’s device is infected with malware he has no idea about, which will quite possibly make the jump to business network when he returns to work, and an attacker has their foot in the door in two ways in one fell swoop. Now think about seasonal personnel that were granted access and are now leaving, or how much sense those summer phishing emails could make to an employee from attackers pretending to be from hotels or travel agents or restaurants or any one of a million other places that would seem out of the ordinary almost any other time of the year. All it takes is one person to fall for it one time for an intruder to gain access. Summer vacation time is supposed to leave you refreshed and reinvigorated, not put the entire organization behind the eight ball heading into the busy season.”

The time is now

“So it should be obvious that right now is a perfect time to schedule a professional vulnerability assessment and penetration test so your organization can put the summer in the rear-view mirror with a clean slate going forward. We can help make sure there are no resident threats in play with state-of-the-art deep scanning, we can analyze a client’s unique environment to determine what cyber threats they are most susceptible to, we can review security policies and procedures to make sure they are all up-to-date and effective, and we can perform penetration testing, which is letting the good guys, us, try to infiltrate a system just like the bad guys would, with extra focus on social engineering attempts like spear phishing campaigns as well. We can also often orchestrate the whole thing from our GDF Attack Center to make the whole process less intrusive and/or disruptive, and let’s just say our success rate is often quite eye-opening. With the free consultation we are currently offering, we eliminate a lot guesswork for the client and can get right to the heart of what’s needed, because our experts are trained to know just what to ask to find out what exactly is needed to achieve the most beneficial results. So don’t get stuck with the blues from summertime when a clean slate is just a phone call away.”

*Global Digital Forensics is a recognized industry leader in the fields of computer forensics, cyber security and emergency incident response, with years of experience assisting clients in the government, banking, healthcare, education and corporate arenas. For a free consultation with a Global Digital Forensics specialist, call 1-800-868-8189 about tailoring a cost-effective plan which will meet your unique needs, without wasting resources on solutions you simply don’t need. Emergency responders are also standing by 24/7 to handle intrusion and data breach emergencies whenever and wherever they arise. Time is critical if a cyber incident has occurred, so don’t hesitate to get help. For more information, visit our cyber security page.

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