Case Study

Massive Data Discovery


A NYC law firm handling a class action was faced with 2 Terabytes of electronic financial data, millions of documents and emails as well source code that ran on a legacy mainframe system. The data was supplied raw and no access was granted to the live system. The attorneys were faced with trying sort through the raw data and gain an understanding of the process the system used. The job of quantifying damages amongst the vast quantity of data was overwhelming and the process was at a crawl.

The Solution

GDF was called in and began the task of making the data usable. First all emails were extracted along with metadata and correlated into relevant stings using sophisticated link analysis tools developed by GDF. The Documents metadata was also extracted and the documents were searched and divided into relevant batches and timelines and correlated with the emails giving the attorney the data they needed to follow the entire process of developing and patching the system involved as well as what was discussed, formally and informally within the opposing side’s team.

The Outcome

The attorneys could, using the data GDF rebuilt, not only verify their suspicions and validate their conclusions, but damages, originally estimated at 65-75 Million were determined to be well over 150 Million. The law firm now uses GDF to analyze and build Electronic Data Discovery requests, work depositions and handle the correlation of all aspects of their Electronic data Discovery. GDF then reconstructed the raw data, defined a statistically significant corpus of data and ran the necessary reports to quantify damages.

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