January 19, 2015

Accident Attorneys Should Leave No Phone Unturned in 2015

Distracted driving due to texting and the deadly consequences are on the rise, enough so that even the NTSB topped their 2015 wish list with the need to tackle the problem of electronic distractions while driving, so it’s only logical that accident attorneys will have more need than ever to collect and use data from mobile devices during litigation. Global Digital Forensics is now offering a mobile device Quick Analysis solution to make the initial process of collecting valuable data from mobile devices easy and affordable.

The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) released their 2015 Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements this week, which highlights the safety-critical actions that the DOT modal administrations, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the States need to take to help prevent accidents and save lives. Topping the list was the need to do more about the growing problem of electronically distracted drivers. It’s a problem that can certainly have deadly consequences, like the case involving the arrest of a Maryland Episcopal Bishop who posted bail for $2.5 million on Thursday after being accused of killing a cyclist on December 27th while driving drunk and texting.

“It’s really coming to a point that data from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets should be collected from just about any accident scene,” says Joe Caruso, founder and head of Global Digital Forensics (GDF), a recognized national leader in computer forensics and electronic discovery (eDiscovery) services for over twenty years. “We’ve certainly seen a spike in requests from accident attorneys to collect data from mobile devices to help determine what role, if any, electronic devices had in the accidents they are investigating, especially over the last few months. While the fact that there are certainly more people than ever relying on mobile devices every day may account for the rise, I think it also has to do with states like New York, among others, beefing up their texting-while-driving laws recently, or states like Florida looking to push legislation through for tougher laws as early as this spring, that may have prompted more attorneys to leave no phone unturned. Like with insurance, it’s far better to have the data and not need it, than to need it and not have it. And to that end, we’ve made the process easy and affordable for attorneys that deal with accident litigation. For a flat rate of $1595, which is very low as far as comparable pricing across the industry, we offer a Quick Analysis for mobile devices which is designed to correctly collect all the data from a mobile device and help attorneys determine if a more thorough analysis is warranted.”

The GDF Quick Analysis process:

  • 1. The suspect device is received, and logged.
  • 2. A proper chain-of-custody log is created.
  • 3. The suspect device is forensically duplicated (imaged) using court accepted procedures.
  • 4. The original evidence is properly stored in compliance with court approved procedures.
  • 5. GDF's certified analysts search the entire mobile device for all recoverable data.
  • 6. All recoverable data is extracted and provided to the client in easy to understand format.
  • 7. GDF's assigned lead analyst forwards the results to the client.
  • 8. The results will help identify the presence of any evidence or indicators to help client determine evidentiary value and decide if a more thorough analysis is warranted.

“Compared to other computing devices like PCs and laptops, mobile devices typically have much less storage capacity, which exponentially increases the chances of valuable electronic evidence being overwritten and lost from further use,” says Caruso, “so getting the device forensically imaged as soon as possible is critical. Once we’ve done the Quick Analysis, all of the data will be preserved in the exact same state it was on the day we received it, and can then be used in multiple ways at any time afterwards. If the attorneys need to build a timeline, they’ll have the collected data available to do it. If they need to broaden their search scope after learning more about the case, we’ll be able to help with that too, using the data from the original collection. And if things get more complex, our vast experience and expertise in all things relating to digital evidence will let our specialists seamlessly transition to a more thorough analysis of any and all data if necessary, and assist with any further eDiscovery needs the client may have, all the way through production and expert witness testimony.”

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*Global Digital Forensics is a recognized leader providing cutting edge solutions in the fields of computer forensics, eDiscovery, cyber security and emergency incident response. GDF is strategically positioned with resources across the country and the globe to react quickly and efficiently with a staff of highly qualified and experienced specialists. Many Fortune 500 companies have trusted GDF with their most sensitive situations. GDF has the technology, skill and experience to ensure any computer forensics tasks and/or eDiscovery needs are handled in a highly cost effective manner, while always ensuring exceptional, defensible results. To speak with a GDF evidence specialist about a plan to suit your unique needs, call 1-800-868-8189. The call and the initial consultation are free. For more information, visit our mobile device forensics page.

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