C-All User Activity Monitor | Recorder

C-All is a software system that monitors and records the activities of every user connected to your network, and saves it all as movies. When you want to know what someone did, you watch a screen capture movie of them doing it. It’s so simple it’s brilliant.

Keep an Eye on all your cyber activity with C-All

The headlines these days are rife with stories of hacked systems and stolen data, and most of the time it’s an inside job. WikiLeaks didn’t become part of the global vocabulary because they stole data, they got there for hosting sensitive data given to them by someone who stole it from his or her employer. Bradley Manning, the incident at the NSA — the story is the same: a trusted individual proves untrustworthy. And it isn’t just big headline making events, it’s the little stuff as well — productivity lost to Facebook, employees accessing porn sites or worse, downloads and streaming gobbling up bandwidth. Now, more than ever, you need to know exactly what is going on across your network.

The most advanced User Activity Monitor available

Imagine being able monitor every activity in real-time being performed on your network… That’s not too hard — there are a lot of software products that do that. Now imagine being able to watch videos of exactly what a user did — a precise and easily understood screen capture movie of exactly what a user did — mouse clicks and keystrokes clearly visible. That is the power of the C-All User Activity Monitor|Recorder by Global Digital Forensics. From deciphering inexplicable declines in productivity, to arming you with concrete, indisputable evidence of any illicit or destructive activity that is occurring, or has occurred on your network, C-All puts a powerful arsenal in your hands. So no more nagging suspicions you can’t prove, no more lies or excuses to swallow because you can’t produce evidence to the contrary, no more inexplicable data leakage, and no more internal phantoms committing cyber espionage or sabotage without being able to hold them accountable.

How C-All Works

C-All Captures Video

01_c-all2 C-ALL records everything as a screen capture movie, which can be played back and exported in both Quicktime and AVI formats. Computer expertise isn’t required:  simply look at the video and watch exactly what the person did – which sites they visited, which files they accessed, etc., like watching the user over his or her shoulder. Should a legal situation develop, evidence in the form of a movie file can be emailed.

C-All Monitors both Local and Remote Users

02_c-all2 To C-All, there is no difference between local and remote users.  Once installed in a host, C-All begins capturing activity and archiving it for playback. If a user remotes into their desktop at the office and transfers files to their local system, C-All would record the session, and if a trigger was configured, alert the administrator. C-All supports Citrix, Terminal Server, VNC, NetOP, PC-Anywhere, VMware, Re-mote Desktop, LogMeIn, and other configurations.

Off-line Recording and Remote Homing

03_c-all2 Mobile users not connected to the network or the Internet, such as when flying or traveling outside of the US, will still have their sessions recorded to an encrypted and protected LOCAL database. Tricky users might disconnect the computer from the network when they insert a USB drive or iPod thinking they are bypassing C-All. But the moment they re-connect to a network or the Internet, C-All uploads the evidence.

Search Using Keywords

 04_c-all2 C-All can be searched by session type, user, keyword, content or system event — hours of watching movies is reduced to few minutes of searching. Type in the word “Jobs” and everything the user did with that word involved pops up: job hunting sites, chats with the word Job in them, etc. C-All‘s powerful search features mean you don’t need advanced training to operate it.

Set Triggers and Rules

 08_c-all2 Similar to cameras and DVR systems, it’s difficult to watch all the cameras all the time. C-All allows admins to set triggers and rules that enable monitoring based on file access, session type, or keywords, and start recording when the trigger is tripped. Security personnel can then be alerted in real-time, even via email.

Adjustable Compression and Storage

 05_c-all2 Most systems store data either uncompressed, or in high resolution. C-All uses smart compression and de-duplication to minimize storage requirements, allowing a relatively small server to store weeks of data. Additionally, admins can move data from the live server to inexpensive off-line solutions, such as USB drives, freeing up space, giving C-All virtually unlimited storage capability at very low cost.

Easy Installation

 06_c-all2 C-All completely integrates with Active Directory (AD). An administrator can easily setup an entire network of computers without having to visit each individually. C-All is complete and doesn’t require buying and installing additional “support” software. Everything needed for full functionality is included.

Terminal Server Version

 07_c-all2 A special C-All agent for Terminal Servers records remote sessions for up to 100 users simultaneously. C-All is the only network activity monitor that operates within the RDP protocol.

Remote Administration

 09_c-all2 Admins can log into the C-All console via secure http and perform all functions. Should an investigation require additional content, area experts, or trained forensic personnel, they can also remote into the C-All console and collaborate on the same data in real time.

Advantages of User Monitoring

  • Get detailed facts about suspected corporate policy violations
    For a business to operate fluidly, everyone has to be playing it “by the book.” The C-All system not only let’s you see who is or isn’t, but exactly what they did and how, in full video detail.
  • Take the guesswork out of how employees are spending their time at work
    With so many people plugged in to a digital lifestyle today, it’s hard to control that line between work and play. C-All lets you know who’s been chatting, gaming, surfing, or conducting any other personal activities on company time and company resources.
  • Reconstruct the details of an incident and the players involved
    With the C-All system, you can recreate sessions and events in full detail. See exactly what was done, how it was done, and who was involved. There is no such thing as a grey area when you have the entire chain of events documented in video form. And if needed, you can send the evidence to the lawyers as a video file via email.
  • Uncover the misuse of confidential or sensitive data and intellectual property
    What  goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas. Ditto for what goes on behind the closed doors of your company. But when someone throws the doors open to outsiders, you can uncover all the details, as well as identify the culprit(s).
  • Protect intellectual property and other critical data from leakage
    Ideas and digital information can be a company’s most valuable treasure. The C-All system lets you see exactly how those treasures are being handled. Because in the dog-eat-dog world of business, you need to develop and protect every advantage.
  • Identify and resolve network problems
    C-All is not just for preventing and explaining bad things happening on the digital front, you can also discover non-sinister shortcomings. Admins will be able to see exactly how situations unfold and gather information needed to devise a remedy.

Free Trial Software

You can try out C-All for 30 days on your system at no charge. Please use this link to the C-All Free Trial Download.

The C-All User Activity Monitor|Recorder is so powerful and flexibile that it’s impossible to list every potential benefit here. The bottom line is, you will finally have control over your network and digital assets like never before. Call toll free, 1-800-868-8189 today and speak with a GDF specialist. C-All can provide for your unique situation. The consultation is free, but the benefits could prove invaluable.