Digital Forensics Overview

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Computer Forensics Overview

From eDiscovery litigation support, to cyber intrusions and data breaches, digital forensics is always at the core when the task involves digital evidence.

GDF always conducts computer forensics examinations in strict accordance with all computer forensic procedures, as outlined by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and in strict adherence to best practices, in our constant effort to ensure the integrity, accuracy and validity of any evidence obtained.

GDF - The Go To Experts

While extracting and preserving digital evidence is paramount, Global Digital Forensics and our computer forensics analysts are dedicated to making the results of our computer forensics analysis understandable to anyone, regardless of how tech-savvy they may be, because we know it is imperative once evidence is extracted, that a judge, jury, opposing counsel, as well as our client, all completely understand the evidence obtained and methods used during the computer forensic examination and analysis.

Global Digital Forensics has all the tools, know-how and personnel to assist any organization in all facets of computer forensics, which today includes the intricacies of eDiscovery from acquisition through production, as well as the entire spectrum of network securityand cyber intrusion incident response. With offices, labs and staff nationwide from New York City to Los Angeles.
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Local Professionals

With strategically located offices positioned accross the country and the globe, we can serve our clients with local resources to reduce the enormous travel expenses typically required, while also substantially reducing response times.  Global Digital Forensics maintains labs, offices and qualified professionals in many national and worldwide locations, including:

New York • Long Island • Boston • Washington DC • San Francisco • Los Angeles • Las Vegas • Chicago • Denver • Albany • Miami • Tampa Bay • London • Paris • Marseille • Rome • Milan • Brussels • Singapore • Mumbai • Delhi • Pune • Hong Kong • São Paulo • With even more locations in Europe, Asia, and South America
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Avoid issues with chain of custody or spoliation preserve data nowDon't Destroy Data Read This First

Warning:  The first steps taken when dealing with digital evidence are crucial!

Simply using a device regularly has the potential do damage or destroy evidence, so it is imperative to move swiftly and decisively when evidence is suspected on a digital device. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose the advantage in court of data that was intentionally or unintentionally deleted for instance, would you? So, if you even suspect digital evidence will be needed from a device, STOP using the device and call us right away to get it done right.
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GDF- The Recognized Experts

5 Big Reasons to Choose GDF

The Right Tools! GDF uses an arsenal of state-of-the-art tools at our disposal to handle every step of the digital forensics process. And everything we use is industry accepted, verifiable, and defensible, ensuring evidence will stand up to the highest scrutiny of the courts or opposition.

The Right Staff! GDF will identify and interview key personnel and staff to thoroughly understand the intricacies unique to each case. So whether it’s a whodunit, did they do it, how’d they do it, can they do it, or are they doing it … we’ve done it, and we know what to ask whom to achieve the best results … for you!

The Right Touch!  GDF has extensive experience dealing with wide spectrum of forensics engagements, many of which involved onsite analysis and dealing with opposition onsite, making us perfect for those “delicate” situations.

The Right Bloodlines! GDF has handled digital forensic investigations involving disputes for and against some of the biggest entities in the world, not to mention a slew of Fortune 500 companies, so rest assured, being intimidated is not in our modus operandi. And if you’re David instead of Goliath, no problem. We bring that same spirit and expertise to your seemingly daunting task.

The Right Results! When all is said and done, it’s about results. GDF takes great pride in generating useful, understandable, relevant and dynamic reports that thoroughly detail the information relative to your unique case. We know finding evidence is sometimes only half the battle, conveying it well being the other.




Our powerful professional affiliations and partnerships ensure best-in-industry results for you.

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